Investing in Tokopedia, CyberAgent Ventures will Open Branch Office in Indonesia

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April 19, 2011

Along with their portfolio expansion by funding towards TokopediaCyberAgent Ventures as investment company from Japan announced their plan to open Indonesia office. Nobuaki Kitagawa, Director of Overseas Investment CyberAgent Ventures, said, “We saw Indonesia’s huge potential in internet market, so we are planning to open an office here to develop our investment.”

Previously we’ve informed that CyberAgent Ventures has invested US$ 700,000 for Tokopedia and get 10% of stock share. This means Tokopedia’s valuation has reached US$ 7,000,000. This is an excellent achievement for Tokopedia, which was established less than two years ago. Previously Tokopedia also received fund from PT Indonusa Dwitama and East Ventures.

Looking at CyberAgent Venture’s history of funding, this is not a new thing. Previously outside of Japan, CyberAgent Ventures invests on various companies in China and Vietnam. In the two countries, CyberAgent Ventures also has branch offices. This is of course to monitor operational of the companies they’ve funded and to ensure that the fund is used wisely. One thing for sure, the opening of CyberAgent Ventures’ branch office will open a much wider door of opportunity for other startups to get similar funding from the company.

Investing in online shopping sector is not a new thing for CyberAgent Ventures. In 2009, CyberAgent Ventures invested on Vatgia which is now an e-commerce market leader in Vietnam. Tokopedia itself is one of Indonesia’s e-commerce leaders with over 900 active stores and 200,000 products. William Tanuwijaya, as CEO of Tokopedia commented on the fund from CyberAgent Ventures, “Through this investment fund, we are optimistic that we can continue to maintain Tokopedia’s speed of growth. We can also learn a lot from their experience in internet market and Asia e-commerce.”

The coming of this new investor will not change Tokopedia’s management structures. William Tanuwijaya and Leontinus Alpha Edison will still be fully responsible for operational activities. Meanwhile representatives from PT Indonusa Dwitama and East Ventures will still be in Tokopedia’s Board of Directors and Commissioners.

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Translated by Nita Sellya.

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