28 September 2020

by Akbar Priono

R6IDN about Indonesian National Team for the Rainbow Six World Cup

Related to Indonesian Rainbow Six National Committee, Bobby Rachmadi, who represents R6IDN said (that they) are still waiting for the decision from Ubisoft first.

On September 11, 2020, Ubisoft announced the Rainbow Six World Cup tournament. In the World Cup, Ubisoft wants the Rainbow Six players to evoke their nationalism pride of their respective countries in this competition. So, instead of carrying the name of the club like in the Six Invitationals, players will carry the name of their respective countries in the Rainbow Six World Cup.

The Rainbow Six World Cup will be attended by 45 teams from 45 countries, with 20 countries that will compete in the Grand Final match. For the Grand Final, 14 countries received direct invitations, while the 6 others had to go through qualification first. The 14 countries that received direct invitations are known to have many Rainbow Six players and active competitive scene, such as Australia, Canada, the United States, Japan, etc.

Source: Ubisoft

Meanwhile, the remaining 31 slots will be contested through the online qualifying round, which will compete for 6 spots to compete in the Grand Final matches. Indonesia also got this opportunity and will compete on the APAC 2 Server, which consists of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Since this match represents the country, Ubisoft has made the rules for determining the national team. To determine which players are competing for each country, Ubisoft creates "Rainbow Six National Committee" which consists of representatives of Ubisoft, representatives of professional player/coach, and representatives of the community.

Source: Ubisoft

Curious about the Indonesian Rainbow Six National Committee, Hybrid.co.id then asked for an opinion from Bobby Rachmadi as the founder of the R6IDN community. "For each representative of the Indonesian Rainbow Six National Committee, it has not been announced by the Ubisoft. So, for those of you who are curious, just wait for the official (information) from R6IDN or Ubisoft. If everything goes well, at the end of this month there should be information related to the fillers of the Indonesian Rainbow Six National Committee", explained Bobby.

Furthermore, Bobby also expressed his opinion about the form of the World Cup competition from Ubisoft and Indonesia's opportunity in the tournament. "This world cup-themed event is quite interesting because the presence of this event can help build a competitive scene in countries from well-developed regions. The presence of the World Cup can also test how high a country's interest is in joining the Rainbow Six esports", said Bobby discussing the Rainbow Six World Cup.

Source: Ubisoft

"For Indonesia, our country actually has a good chance to compete in this competition. Moreover, the community may be impatient to see Indonesia's dream team. Apart from that, we are trying our best to make the proportional selection of players, if asked to become the National Committee of Rainbow Six Indonesia. We will try to help find players who really want and can maintain their professionalism in the long term", said Bobby closing the discussion. The Rainbow Six World Cup itself is planned to be held in the summer of 2021 (around June - September 2021). So, make sure you keep abreast of the progress of Indonesia's Rainbow Six National Team selection at Hybrid.co.id!

* Disclosure: Hybrid.co.id is the media partner of Rainbow Six: Siege Indonesia Community (R6IDN)