3 September 2020

by Akbar Priono

Summary of Indonesia Games Championship 2020 - Winners and Viewers Data

Indonesia Games Championship 2020 is finally complete EVOS Esports becomes the most successful team by winning two branches.

After a bit long journey from the best gamers all over the country, Indonesia Games Championship (IGC) 2020 is finally complete. On 27-30 August 2020, IGC gave the crowns for all champions from Free Fire (FF), Arena of Valor (AoV), Call of Duty Mobile (CoDM) and League of Legends (LoL).

Held online, IGC 2020 was held from May to August. The tourney started with registration phase from May to June 2020. After that, the qualification phase was on July until August, filtering out the best team to play on Playoff (24-26 August 2020) and Grand Final (27-30 August 2020).

There are two champions from each contested game (except LoL) in IGC 2020 since there are champions from male and female categories. From all of the winning teams, EVOS Esports could be said as the most successful in this tournament. It's because they won in two games titles on male categories.

This is the list of champions from each games titles and categories in IGC 2020:

Source: Telkomsel

Male Categories

  • Free Fire - EVOS Esports
  • COD Mobile - LOUVRE x One Team
  • Arena of Valor - EVOS Esports
  • League of Legends - Magnus

Female Categories

  • Free Fire - Toxic for Lyfe
  • Call of Duty Mobile - Star8 Celestial
  • Arena of Valor - Hertz Emot


The impact of IGC 2020 towards Indonesian esports ecosystem

With many choices of games titles, two categories, and long journey, IGC 2020 gives good impact to Indonesian esports ecosystem.

From participation, there are 34,000 players in 8,200 teams in this championship. By doing it online, IGC reached to 457 cities in Indonesia and three countries in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippine). From the broadcasting side, IGC managed to get 10 million total views and 1.5 million hours watched on DuniaGames website and MAXstream app.

Dari sisi tingkat partisipasi, IGC 2020 diikuti oleh 34.000 peserta yang tergabung dalam 8.200 tim. Menggunakan format online, IGC 2020 juga berhasil menjangkau 457 kabupaten/kota di Indonesia, dan tiga negara di Asia Tenggara yaitu Malaysia, Singapura, dan Filipina. Dari sisi tayangan, rilis mengatakan bahwa IGC 2020 berhasil menyedot perhatian sampai dengan 10 juta total views, dengan 1,5 juta jam total watch time pada situs DuniaGames dan aplikasi MAXstream.

Meanwhile, monitoring Dunia Games YouTube channel, here's our finding on the views number. These results were taken on 1 September 2020.

League of Legends Grand Final

  • Total broadcast duration - 452 minutes 33 seconds (7 hours 32 minutes 33 seconds)
  • Total number of views - 10,967 views

Grand Final Arena of Valor (also shows AOV female category)

  • Total broadcast duration - 639 minutes  (10 hours 39 minutes)
  • Total number of views - 81,078 views

Free Fire Grand Final (also shows Playoff COD Mobile male and female categories)

  • Total broadcast duration - 649 minutes 38 seconds (10 hours 49 minutes 38 seconds)
  • Total number of views - 225,859 views

Free Fire Grand Final part 2 (also shows Grand Final COD Mobile male and female categories)

  • Total broadcast duration - 697 minutes 5 seconds  (11 hours 37 minutes 5 seconds)
  • Total number of views - 354,925 views

"We really appreciate the growing enthusiasm from gaming fans all over Indonesia towards IGC 2020. It can be seen from the live streaming views number. We hope competition like this could be an oasis for esports activists to keep fighting for a better industry, even though we are in a difficult time.  Seeing the excitement, we will keep it open-minded to hold IGC in the coming years. We also hope to give bigger impacts in developing the esports industry in Indonesia by doing inclusively and continuously." Said Setyanto Hantoro, President Director of Telkomsel on IGC 2020.

Congrats to the winners! So far, IGC is indeed regarded as one of the first-class tournaments in Indonesia. Hopefully, this annual tournament could continue and give more positive impacts.

The original article is in Indonesian, translated by Yabes Elia