IM2 Invites SMEs to Open Online Store on Tokoon

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July 6, 2012

Indosat Mega Media (IM2) as a subsidiary of Indosat which focuses in the internet and multimedia service launches online store called Tokoon. Tokoon is an abbreviation of “Toko Online” – Online Store. With Tokoon, IM2 invites Small and Middle Enterprises (SMEs) which still doing conventional business to start targeting online market. Tokoon is IM2’s second attempt to attract SMEs after Kongkoow which pivoted into a marketplace a year ago. Kongkoow is now a gadget store but it’s not being maintained. Look wise, Tokoon is neater than its predecessor, although it cannot be said to be better than other marketplace.

As reported by Media Indonesia, IM2’s Chief Director, Ridwan F. Karsa guarantees the safety and easiness of transaction on Tokoon. This is done to build the trust because transaction happens without any face to face meeting between the seller and the buyer. To make this program a success, IM2 cooperates with the Ministry of Small and Middle Enterprises and managed to invite 100 SMEs from 8 cities in Indonesia.

Not only providing the counter, IM2 also assists and educates the player unfamiliar with online business. IM2 also provides several design templates so those who are not familiar with web design can customized the look of their online counter.

Tokoon is not only offering handicraft items. We can also find food commodities such as processed mushroom and rendang. Of course, batik and handicraft can be easily found here. What makes me wonder, apparently the items sold in Tokoon is not only SMEs’ products but also modern items such as gadget, computer and even online game voucher.

Seeing the history of IM2 since Kongkoow to Tokoon, I honestly a bit worried. Will IM2 be abel to keep the continuity of such marketplace or not. As a business unit, I think Tokoon hasn’t reached a serious phase yet, like Telkom with its Plasa. I am hoping IM2 to stay consistent to realize the existence of Tokoon.

In addition, if IM2 is hoping for Tokoon to be identical with SMEs’ marketplace, it should not mix SMEs with unsimilar products in Tokoon such as gadget or online game voucher which I mentioned before. Focusing on selling SMEs’ products is the key to differentiate Tokoon with similar marketplace.

Update: According to Bisnis.com, IM2’s investment in Tokoon is worth IDR10 million where technology and human resource are internally supplied.

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