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Underrated Tips on How To Rank Up Effectively in Wild Rift

11 January 2021Ananto Joyoadikusumo

Season 1 has just started, so try out these tips that might help you rank up easier

Season 0 of Wild Rift has just ended a couple of days ago and Season 1 has officially begun. Season 0 is definitely an experience full of experiments, and most people – including myself – might not have ranked up to our expectations. After all, ranking up in Wild Rift can be pretty challenging, hectic, and stressful. I have personally got hard stuck in my rank a couple of times, and even rage quitted. However, Season 1 gives loads of new updates, heroes, and a much needed fresh start for a lot of players. Will you be trying to push to a high rank in this season? If you plan to do so, consider the upcoming tips that you might not have tried before.


Find Friends and Climb the Rank Together


Speaking of duos, queueing up with someone you know will significantly increase your chances of winning. This is especially true for players who are support or ADC mains since they always lane together. Continuously playing with a friend allows you to understand their playstyle and complement it. You will gain some sort of synergy and, most importantly, communicate in a game where communication is the key to victory. If you have friends who haven’t played Wild Rift, introduce the game and play with them. You can also add players you found in the game if you like how they play and synergize. There are also tons of regional Wild Rift discord servers that you can join. Even Riot In themselves encourages players to queue up together. In the recent 2.0 update, they introduced a party finder system to allow players to queue up with other players easily.


Understand Item Builds and Rune Composition


There are still many players who still stick to one single build and do not adjust to matchups. Having the proper item builds and rune composition will win you more games than you might think. You can start by copying builds from top players in the game. However, it is also imperative that you understand why their build works so that you can modify it according to your own situation. After all, every game is different, and some builds will work better on some matchups. Understand your team’s and the enemy’s composition, then adjust the build accordingly. Some games will force you to buy grievous wounds items. Some games will force you to purchase magic resistance items. Knowing when and how to modify a build properly will exponentially improve your chances of winning.


Stop Playing, Start Learning

An Indonesian Wild Rift steamer, Bandot, once mentioned that watching better players will vastly improve your gameplay. Instead of playing 10 games a day, you can play only 5 and use the rest of your time to gain some knowledge about Wild Rift. I usually do this by watching Wild Rift gameplays on YouTube. You might learn some tricks and crucial tactics that you might not have known before. These can then be implemented on your own gameplay next time. Learn from the best to become the best.

You can also learn things from your own games, especially when you are losing. When you are in a losing position, ask yourself what you can do better. Always analyze what the enemy team is doing that is able to bring them to that winning position. If you do this, not only will you gain a significant amount of knowledge from your games, you will also not waste effort flaming your teammates.


Stick With a Role or Two

Wild Rift Roles. Dexerto
Wild Rift Roles. Dexerto

This tip is pretty obvious and self-explanatory; you will simply perform better in a role you are comfortable with. However, despite being an obvious tip, many people like to switch roles especially if they don’t seem to find any success. I personally have even fallen into this trap, and all it does is lose me games. Choose a role or two, and stick with it. In the long run, focusing on a single role is the best tactic in ranking up.

Playing and focusing on a single role will allow you to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to bring your team to victory. Examples of this knowledge are matchups, counters, power spikes, etc. However, the current picking system in Wild Rift frequently forces players to play off roles. If you didn’t know, picks in ranked are split into phases. Therefore, if you got the last pick phase, someone in your team might already take your role. This is why I recommend mastering at least two roles. Although you might not be as proficient in the second role as the first one, you will at least not perform badly if your main role is stolen. For example, though I am a support main, I can also play the Baron lane if I meet an ADC-support duo queuing up together.



You can take the first concept of focusing a single role to another level by one-tricking. Instead of only focusing on a single role, one-tricking means that you focus on only one hero. With one-tricking, you will know all the matchups, strengths, weaknesses, counters, and tactics of the hero. This means that you will most often be able to carry the game, even if you have a bad matchup. Of course, one-tricking has its cons, which you can see from this video. However, I think that one-tricking in Wild Rift is one of the best strats to rank up in Wild Rift, especially if you one-trick a META hero. The current hero pool in Wild Rift is not that big, and so there are also not many counter picks.

So if you do decide to one-trick, I recommend that you choose a meta hero, as I have said before. A couple of examples of meta heroes that are good for one-tricking are Camille, Zed, and  Lee Sin. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case, as good one-trick players can carry games even if they don’t use META heroes. I also recommend that you pick a hero with a high skill ceiling, which all the previous heroes I mentioned have. These heroes usually provide significant rewards and outplay potential for those who master them in and out. Moreover, high skill heroes are usually not picked frequently because only a small percentage of people can use them effectively. Thus, difficult heroes are perfect for one-tricking.

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