Exclusive : Sneak Peek for Koprol’s Android App

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May 1, 2011

It’s been too long for Koprol to come up with an Android app, they hired the super-Android-coder Kristiono Setyadi since last year only to launch the app not sooner than this Thursday on May 5th as informed exclusively to Dailysocial by Koprol’s co-founder Satya Witoelar. Witoelar said that there are few other tasks assigned to Kristiono Setyadi, resulting the long delay for the launch of the long-anticipated Android app.

Previously, Koprol already launched the service’s Blackberry app and gained some traction although not significant. And I think Koprol should pay more attention to its mobile strategy with the launch of several native apps for the location-based service. Koprol team also launched a touch-version for its website to calm the raging request for native apps from its users, and it seems that that strategy work quite well for Koprol. The Koprol touch is a good experience for using the service although couldn’t handle several function such as GPS-location and uses the IP-based location function instead.

Witoelar was kind enough to give exclusive sneak peek of Koprol’s Android app only to Dailysocial readers. Here you go, hot from the oven 😉

From the sneak peek, it seems that the app is really simply-designed and I strongly believe that it’s the work of Koprol’s designer Andreas Fendri who also happen to design this very blog. The design is simplistic and minimal, and just like Koprol’s touch-version website – it’s giving a very unique user-experience to use Koprol’s services. From the sneak peek, it’s also clear that Koprol is inserting its Deals & Promo feature. They recently launched Koprol for Business services as a way to make money from local businesses that want to take advantage of Koprol’s location-based users, and although the business plan for this feature is quite obvious, the success/failure of this feature is still yet to be seen.

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