Event Review: FOWAB #5 – Technology Trends for Digital

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March 24, 2011

Forum Web Anak Bandung (FOWAB) #5 event was held on Saturday, 19 Maret 201, collaborate with SparxUp Award presented ‘Technology Trends for Digital’. It was held at S28 Cafe & Resto, Jl. Sulanjana No. 28, Bandung, Jawa Barat – Indonesia and attended by more than 70 people from various backgrounds, programmers, college students, and other profession.

Like previous FOWAB events, it was started by 10 by 10 segment. 3 people gave presentation related to FOWAB’s theme. The first speaker was Teguh with The Ultimate Sophistication: Simplicity. Teguh wanted to remind participants that simplicity is what costumers need, and customer based technology development should pay attention to that.

Next, Panggi and Willy from Bistip.com presented Agile Web Development. They explained how to develop web with iteration principle, work process or quick development (adaptation and decision making), continuous and sustainable. As example, development process and test in their office are done continuously and fast, it is also supported with ‘open’ office environment, discussion process between employees can be done in a fluid way and enables open discussion.

The last 10 by 10 is Asep Bagja, founder of Magikube, new startup focusing on mobile world. Asep presented Cross Platform Tools. In developing his products, Asep uses Titanium SDK for some reasons. First, in one code development process you can compile it for various platforms (iOS, Android and BlackBerry), Javascript based, really native and not just wrapper and shorten the time in developing application. Asep also give several application samples using Titanium, such as Wunderlist, eBay (mobile) and Magikube’s application soon to be released ExpertAround.us.

Presentation was continued by representative from Biznet explaining Biznet’s Cloud Computing, followed by Herman Kwok as representative from SparxUp Award. FYI around June-July 2011 there will be a second SparxUp Award.

The first main speaker was Muqorrobien Marufi (Robin). This first presentation was quite technical, is about asynchronous programming (non-blocking I/O). With service development related to publisher-subsciber, there are some challenges we should face, among others are real time service, concurrent user, big data scalability and security, this can be tricked by non-blocking I/O.

One of the chosen ones is event-based I/O, Node.js. Some of the reasons are dynamic machine code generation, asynchronous: non-blocking by default, open source, community support and also web developer friendly. During presentation, Robin (Merah Putih Inc.) hinted that he is developing social media app soon to be released.

Second main speaker is Rahmat from Daily Social replacing Rama who weren’ able to attend the event. Rahmat talked about Technology and Innovation. His presentation described many ‘before’ innovations, like before social networks there was web, before web there was computer, before computer there was telephone, and before telephone there was lamp discovery.

Presentation was then directed to startup development in technology. Technology offered by startup can be innovative (inovate, distrupt, execute, scale). The presentation also emphasized on several suggestions to develop startup in technology area (innovative), like discovering users’ needs that only you can fulfill them, offer simplicity, don’t just focus on the products but also on the values and use you want to offer. The last one is when it comes to perfection, we can learn a lot from imperfection, try-fail-fix, nothing is perfect. Imperfection will lead you to innovation.

Before closing the event, final presentation came from LewatMana.com as representative from  SparxUp Award 2010 winners, who explained about their service and experience, other than winning SparxUp Award they also became of most notable services in Netexplorateur di Perancis and was awarded as well.

FOWAB #5 is completed, now let’s wait for the next FOWAB and what will be discussed there. FOWAB is a routine event, usually once in every 2 or 3 months.

Disclosure: DailySocial is a media partner of FOWAB #5.

Translated by Nita Sellya.

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