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His Erha, from Erha Group, shows their interest in esports

13 August 2020Yabes Elia

They come from the beauty and care industries.

Esports industry, which is getting massive every day, attracts more non-endemic industries to spend their money.

Esports market is hot and becoming the trend for the youth (Millenials and Gen Z). It makes the esports market suitable for the business campaign (awareness, engagement, or branding) for the non-endemic industries aiming at a similar market.

Telecommunication, technology, banking, F&B, sports, or even automotive are some samples of non-endemic industries that have spent their money on esports. Not long after, fashionbeauty, and care industries are showing their movements.  

Koleksi LVxLOL. | Sumber: Louis Vuitton via Business Insider
Koleksi LVxLOL. | Sumber: Louis Vuitton via Business Insider

For the esports industry in Indonesia, the interests of non-endemics are slower than in some other countries. Nevertheless, the beauty and care industries are approaching. After AXE, which some time ago became a sponsor for EVOS Esports, HIS ERHA (a part of ERHA Group) also shows their interest. 

We talked to their representative about their interest in doing business in esports. We spoke with Galih Andrianto, Head of Branding from HIS ERHA, through a phone call.

Before getting further, let’s dig deeper into ERHA and HIS ERHA. According to Galih, ERHA is established 20 years ago when it’s only a clinic for beauty and care. Now, they are so much bigger and even have a new brand that focuses on the male market, called HIS ERHA.

Why is ERHA aiming for the male market nowadays? Galih explained that the beauty and care industry for the male market is now valued at IDR 7,9 trillion, with a CAGR growth of 6.2% each year, according to Euromonitor’s data in 2010.

Moreover, ERHA also sees some exciting opportunities too hard to be passed on. 

First, in his opinion, there are 3 segmentations for the male market in the beauty and care market (based on their behavior). The first segmentation is a retrosexual. Men in this category don’t really care about beauty and care products. They will buy anything as long as it’s in the closest store. 

The second segmentation is a metrosexual. A metrosexual man is the one who follows the trend about beauty and care. They don’t care if it’s made for men or women, as long as it’s trending. While the last segmentation, it is called a ubersexual. Men from this segmentation pay close attention to the product they use. They won’t buy an alternative product if their preferred one isn’t available. However, they want it simple. This segmentation is the target of HIS ERHA. Besides the target segment, HIS ERHA also sees opportunities based on the products available. Galih understands that, nowadays, there aren’t enough male products truly about care — mostly only about styling. From those opportunities, HIS ERHA wants to answer those needs. They also released more masculine product, even from its packaging. Moreover, HIS ERHA products are claimed useful for style and care.    

Its Relevance with Gaming and Esports Markets

Currently, men are the majority in gaming and esports markets. Furthermore, I believe that every person in this world will play games (which means they can be included in the gaming market). A part of that market should be interested in taking care of their appearance.

Credits: AFP
Via: Kompas

With game streamers and content creators gaining more popularity, awareness of appearance will also increase in the gaming community. I know most of the gamers don’t shower every day — including me. However, with the industry getting more prominent, the professionals in this industry also become more competitive. I also have to shower if I want to have a meeting with other people, even though I hate it. Some research also shows that those with better appearances have bigger chances of success than others who don’t care about their looks. Galih also believes in it. “Because the first impression is crucial.” He said. If we are talking about the first impression, it comes from how we present ourselves. “Now, it’s the time for gamers to show themselves into the public that they could be stylish. Gamers are influencers.” Galih continued. “Of course, appearance is also matched with attitude because it will be reflected in many people.”




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HIS ERHA’s interest in esports indeed makes sense because the trend of gaming influencers are getting higher. On the international stage, we have Ninja, Shroud, etc. Indonesia also has its influencers such as Jess No Limit, Emperor, or the others.

Also, if we are talking about esports, it’s a gaming session with strong social aspects since you need teammates and enemies. Appearance and attitude become more crucial when social elements are involved.



Before ending our conversation, I asked Galih one last question. How far will HIS ERHA go in supporting esports? Galih then answered, “because esports in on the rising, similar to beauty and care, if there is a chance for HIS ERHA to jump into esports, it’s very possible that we make a partnership. Or sponsoring esports is also not a problem.”

Besides the gaming community, HIS ERHA is also targeting other communities such as automotive, biking, football, sneakers, or others.

It’s interesting to see how it goes because, in my opinion, those communities could be said to have a more significant concern with their appearance compared to gaming communities. Will this make the gaming community a lower priority than the others? Or will it make HIS ERHA feel challenged to educate the importance of appearance to gamers? Let’s wait and see…

Feat Image: Business of Fashion

The original article is in Indonesian, translated by Yabes Elia

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