DWG KIA Won the 2021 LCK Summer Grand Finals, Securing Their Third LCK Trophy.

Damwon Gaming became the second team to three-peat in LCK history.

Last Saturday, DWG KIA faced off against T1 in the 2021 LCK Summer Split playoff grand finals. After 4 hard-fought matches, DWG KIA came out on top with a decisive 3-1 victory. This was the first time that Damwon Gaming organization accumulated three consecutive LCK trophies and became the second team to achieve this feat. T1 had the first LCK three-peat when they won 2016 LCK Spring and summer, 2017 Spring, 2019 Spring and Summer, and 2020 LCK Spring. Unfortunately for T1, DWG KIA currently proved themselves to be the better team and perhaps the best in LCK.

In game 1, DWG's victory was largely contributed by the Camille played by Kim "Khan" Dhong-ha. Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu's Trundle constantly ganked the top lane, putting a lot of pressure on T1's top laner, Canna, and widening the kill score gap between the offlaners. Entering the 26th minute, Camille was already 3 levels ahead of Gwen. T1 tried to fight back and initiated a calculated teamfight where they hope to use Faker's strength with Azir. DWG KIA, however, already knew its winning condition. Camille spends little to no effort in zoning or locking down Ezreal, practically removing T1's primary damage dealer in most of the clashes.

The course of game 2 also started out in similar fashion: Canyon repeatedly ganks the top lane to try to secure an early advantage. However, unlike game 1, Canna was able to trade his death for one of DWG's members and make their ganks less profitable. As a result, Khan's Camille was not really able to get the ball rolling, and the match was kept at a stalemate. The game was ultimately decided on the second baron fight around the 28th-minute mark. T1 started the Baron, and DWG immediately came to contest. Khan, yet again, secured an important pick-off on Faker, turning the engagement into a favorable 4v5. The teamfight ended with the whole T1 team being wiped out and DWG getting a free Baron. The game was practically over from there.

Down 2-0, T1 went all out and played very aggressively from the start. Faker's Azir and Canna's Kennen put a lot of pressure in the early game and constantly dived towers with little to no fear. As a result, they were able to grab a dominant lead in the match. Azir and Kennen's huge AOE damage output ultimately proved too much for DWG to handle, and T1 kept the series alive.

In game 4, T1 tried to repeat their game 3's formula. Faker and the whole T1 roster came out with an early lead and made Khan's life in the top lane miserable. However, the 17th-minute clash was perhaps the first sign of a comeback from DWG. T1 unfortunately continued to play sloppy, and the advantage soon fell into DWG's hands in a Baron teamfight. DWG finally sealed the match with ShowMaker's beautiful Quadra kill and was crowned as the 2021 LCK Summer Split champions.

Furthermore, DWG KIA's victory in this tournament also secured them the first seed going into Worlds and a spot at the group stage. Despite T1 beating Gen.G in the semifinals last week, the second seed still goes to Gen.G due to their superior championship points. As a result, T1 would most likely be participating in the Play-Ins, unless they secure a win in the Regional Qualifier this Thursday.