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DSCVR Indonesia’s Tech Talents with DailySocial

1 February 2013Aulia Masna

Since 2010 Indonesia has been seen as a hotspot in the regional technology startup landscape and since then, the interest in the country’s talents and potentials has only gone up. Indonesia is a country made up of over 240 million people spread across eight major islands and over several thousand smaller ones. We’ve ran three SparxUp Awards to recognize the country’s best and most promising tech startups and have gone to a number of cities across the country over the years to meet and identify local talents. Now we want to take you along with us to discover these talented software developers, designers, and aspiring tech leaders.

Many of Indonesia’s top tech talents are located outside of Jakarta but not a lot of people know or realize that. We want to change that, so today we are introducing DSCVR. A seven day trip to several cities in the island of Java to meet these talents, visit their offices, attend demo days and seminars, and have a good time along the way.

The trip is expected to be run in late March or early April of this year, visiting Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, and Malang and of course Jakarta. For this trip, we anticipate the cost to be roughly $2000 – $3000 per person not including your airfare to Jakarta which will be our departure point for the trip. Should you be interested in participating in DSCVR, please register in this Google Docs form and we will contact you regarding further details of the program. Should you have any question, you may email them to Rama Mamuaya

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