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Dewa 19’s 30th Anniversary Tour Could Start the NFT Ticket Revolution in Indonesia

20 May 2022Glenn Kaonang

With NFT tickets, concert goers have the opportunity to attend Dewa 19’s special concert while enjoying some additional benefits

One of the many benefits that NFTs provide is in regard to ownership. NFTs give us an easy way to prove ownership over something, and this has started to make a real-world impact in various sectors. In the event industry for example, traditional digital tickets are starting to be replaced by NFT tickets. Case in point: the upcoming 30th anniversary concert tour of one of the biggest rock bands in Indonesia, Dewa 19.

For this special occasion, Dewa 19 has decided to sell its concert tickets as NFTs, with help from a platform called TiketNFT. The NFT tickets for “30 Years of Dewa 19 Featuring Ello and Virzha” are split into three tiers: NFT Ticket Baladewa Festival, NFT Ticket Baladewa VIP, and NFT Ticket Baladewa 30 Terbaik.

As expected, each tier comes with its own additional benefits other than simply seat positioning. The highest tier, Baladewa 30 Terbaik, is being sold at 5,000,000 IDR. This tier naturally offers the most front seats, but it also provides extra perks that include backstage access, exclusive merchandise, as well as access to photo session and lunch/dinner with Dewa 19.

The second tier, Baladewa VIP, is being sold at 2,000,000 IDR and offers seats in the VIP zone, as well as 4 tokens for a special NFT raffle. The lowest tier, Baladewa Festival, is being sold at 500,000 IDR with standard seating position and 1 token for the same raffle. More tokens obviously means a better chance to win the raffle, with the prize being one of the extra perks included in the highest tier (merchandise/backstage access/better seat position).

Dewa 19’s 30th anniversary tour will be held in five different cities in Indonesia from May to July. The tour will start in Surabaya on May 27, followed by Medan on June 11 and Palembang on June 18. The last two will be Samarinda on June 25, and Makassar on July 6. As of this writing, the NFT tickets are still available to purchase on TiketNFT.

The NFT trend in Indonesia continues to grow rapidly, with the music industry being one of the first to adopt the technology. In the past few months, more and more local musicians have used NFTs as an alternative way to monetize directly with their fans while delivering new experiences. And with a band as big as Dewa 19 also utilizing NFTs now, others will surely catch up with the trend.

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