Daily Deals Competition in Jogja is Getting Hotter

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June 8, 2011

After MbakDiskon.com started local daily deals service specifically in Jogjakarta, as featured in DailySocial last April, DealKeren.com follow suit and ready to enter Jogja market competition with their huge promo.

A friend told me about DealKeren Jogja after seeing their billboard at UKDW crossroads, Jl. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo, Jogja. The road is known for its high frequency of traffic. The billboard is facing south and further south we can see traffic light for UKDW crossroads and Lempuyangan fly over, which promises more people seeing ad.

Their office is in Saphir Hotel, Lobby Area – Jalan Laksda Adisucipto No. 38 Yogyakarta. Strategic and easy to locate (maps). They also have been placing adlibs on Jogja’s local radios, which seemed to be the first thing they did before opening Jogja office.

“In the future we will strengthen our merchants in Jogja, then we will reach out to Solo and Semarang, using our Jogja based office,” stated Devita Koeswarawangi (Merchant Partnership – DealKeren). That means DealKeren will handle merchants for big cities in Jogja and Central Java and more discounts are coming, plus more people can use this service.

As for MbakDiskon, if their website is not soon improved – they don’t have how to page yet, which is a must for daily deals websites – customers are most likely to turn to other services which provides more information and can gain their trust and loyalty.

Most daily deals customers in Jogja come from outside the city, like Jogja college students or people from middle-up level who understand the service. Local Jogja people are still yet to be familiar with daily deals service like people in US with Groupon service.

As Wiku wrote previously, market in Jogja is not as big as in other cities, and there are cultural differences to be considered as well. However on the other hand, with not many daily deals service around Jogja, this can be a great opportunity by giving unique and different offers.

So after DealKeren, which daily deals provider will penetrate Jogja next?

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