Consumers Can Purchase Facebook Credits with XL’s Mobile Payment Solution

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April 16, 2013

Facebook’s social game players now have payment alternative to purchase digital items with Facebook Credits. XL Axiata’s digital service department has launched service on converting XL credit/carrier billing to become Facebook Credits. No credit card is needed.  Now consumers can buy stuffs in FarmVille, PetVille, Ninja Saga or any other social game with XL’s mobile payment.

XL claims that among its 30 million data subscribers, there are 16 million Facebook users within age 15-30 year old — perfect market for online gaming consumers. With billions of dollars estimated gained from this business globally (US$ 4 billion in 2013 est), of course carrier may want a slice of this delicious pie. XL offers several options on credit, ranging from Rp 5ooo to Rp 60,000 for each transaction.

XL informs step-by-step instruction on helping consumers buying Facebook Credits using this XL’s mobile payment solution. It takes thirteen steps to finish one transaction, involving confirmation (and PIN) through SMS. Other than phone credit, Indonesian consumers may also use gift voucher to fund their virtual currency, but XL’s credit conversion may advise less hassle method.

XL’s digital service (or VAS) has moved fast among all carriers in Indonesia to offer broad ranges of solution and services in digital industry. This year, XL expects VAS to grow by 30-40%. Last year, according to the same source, digital service business contributed 3% – 5% of XL’s revenue.

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