ONIC Esports Crowned Champions of SEA Icon Series 2021: Summer Indonesia

The King of the Skies thus dominates the dawn of competitive Indonesian Wild Rift for the time being.

The first official Wild Rift tournament circuit for the Indonesian region, Southeast Asia Icon Series 2021: Summer, has just found its new reigning kings. ONIC Esports have successfully toppled Bigetron Infinity in the best-of-seven Grand Finals series, attaining a first-place finish for themselves.

SEA Icon Series 2021: Summer - Indonesia commenced back in May, starting with the Open Qualifiers that led to the Final Qualifier consisting of the nation’s top 16 teams. Afterward, only the top 8 teams were taken to proceed into the Group Stage. The list of teams includes Monochrome Esports, Bigetron Infinity, MBR Esports, ONIC Esports, Eagle 365 Esports, ECHO Esports, Dewa United Esports, and Aerowolf.

During the Group Stage, it seemed clear which teams were going to dominate as the tournament progresses. In Group A, Bigetron Infinity utterly crushed every other team, dropping zero games in total and winning all 6 maps that they played. Eagle 365 Esports trailed them in second place, hence both teams were allocated to the Upper Bracket Playoffs.

On the other hand, Group B was relatively more stable all around. Both MBR Esports and ONIC Esports were tied with a game score of 5-3 and a total match score of 2-1, allowing both of them to advance to the Upper Bracket playoffs. Only four of these teams made it through the Playoffs stage; the remaining were eliminated thereafter.

The Playoffs stage only spanned for two days, with each series being a best-of-five, except for the Lower Bracket Semifinals and the Grand Finals; the latter being a best-of-seven. From the start, ONIC Esports looked prominent. They were able to beat Bigetron Infinity in the first round of the Upper Bracket 3-1 and later swept MBR Esports 3-0 in the Upper Bracket Finals.

Despite their early loss, Bigetron Infinity strived in the Lower Bracket, first by eliminating Eagle 365 Esports 2-0, and later MBR Esports 3-1. Their Lower Bracket run was already amusing to watch, so their Grand Finals match against ONIC Esports was even more exciting.

Bigetron Infinity, runner-up finishers of SEA Icon 2021: Summer Indonesia. Source: @bigetronesports.

Surely enough, Bigetron Infinity took the first two games in a breeze, which led to ONIC Esports turning the tables around and stabilizing the series 2-2. Bigetron stepped themselves up, took game five, to which ONIC too, regained their momentum and balancing the series into a 3-3 score.

Game seven, the deciding match, putting everyone on their seats in a very intense final match. ONIC Esports were outrun by Bigetron in the early game, but somehow was able to flip the tides around to their favor, securing the series and were crowned champions of the SEA Icon Series 2021: Summer - Indonesia.

ONIC’s newest addition of Phoenix and Susugajah into their Wild Rift roster proved to be the secret formula that the lineup needed to overthrow Bigetron’s earlier dominance. The two players had backgrounds in professional League of Legends, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Arena of Valor. Their competitive history must have surely translated to this very victory on new grounds.

Phoenix and Susugajah join ONIC Esports. Source: @onic.esports.

Both ONIC’s and Bigetron’s battle has only started as the two have successfully qualified to the SEA Icon 2021: Summer Super Cup - the Southeast Asian Wild Rift scene’s penultimate battleground. The event will commence June 19 and will feature the region’s 16 best teams, including winners from the respective regional tournaments held in Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and of course, Indonesia.

Featured Image by @onic.esports.