Caught the Attention of Pacific Century Group, Nova Founders Sealed $50 Million of Funding

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September 24, 2014

Nova Founders Capital has just sealed a $50 million of funding from Pacific Century Group. As the investment group officially announced today (22/9), the funding would serve them an opportunity not only to invest in more companies, but also to acquire those companies and add them to their portfolio.

Nova Founders itself is a Hong Kong-based global investment company. Due to its focus on innovative financial services, the company has put series of investments in a number of online businesses. This focus has led the company to partner with CompareGlobalGroup, which has published six banking comparison platform products, including HaloMoney.

Based on the press release we received, Raphael Strauch, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Nova Founders, stated that the funding would allow the company enhancing online finance businesses in various markets.

“Our vision is to create faster, cheaper, and more accessible financial services. This funding will allow us serving excellent services to our consumers in new emerging markets. We would also provide fresh opportunities to investors and finance institutions to enter various segments, ranging from the world’s most-growing internet markets to venture capital, private equity funds, high net-worth individuals, and conglomerates,” Raphael, who is also known as the former of Rocket Internet’s Global Partners, stated.

This expectation of Nova Founders is actually in line with PCG’s, which has been known for its financial services and investments in Asia Pacific for more than 20 years.

There has yet been any further information related to Nova Founder’s plan of allocating the funding. The only apparent thing is that Nova Founders aims to expand its business by opening offices in London, England, and a number of Asian countries. The company would also have its offices established in Denmark and Germany pretty soon.

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