BursaIde.com: Time to Develop Ideas into Reality

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March 31, 2011

Everyone must have a dream. Whether it is something that just a fantasy or can be realized, dream is one thing that keeps people to be creative. For example, in the context of the startup, many people have ideas, some might be brilliant but could not be implemented because of funding problems. It is such a pity that intelligent ideas cannot be realized because of non-technical issues. This time, you can dig up all kind of ideas because BursaIde accommodates the data filing for all forms of ideas that are stored in it.

BursaIde founded by Muhaimin Iqbal who previously was working in the area of online investment in gold / silver coins. Starting from the Entrepreneurial Boarding School Daarul Muttaqiin (PWDM), BursaIde was made in corporation with a technical team, such as Achmad Zaky and a number of web designers. Achmad Zaky also involved in the development of BukaLapak, an e-commerce with traditional approach.

BursaIde said that the basis for the making of this system is the fact that the ideas were valuable after being implemented. Of course, successfully implemented bright ideas will give benefits for community. That’s the main goal.

Currently BursaIde already reached the Beta Test stage. You can register for free and pouring your ideas on this site. Please do brainstorming about those new ideas. These ideas could be related to various things, not solely based on Information Technology, web, or mobile. You can invite anyone to provide input about your ideas. Not only ideas, you could even write down the problems you face and let other people give suggestions as a solution. This is Phase I of the BursaIde roadmap.

Phase II which is currently being worked on is ranged about the intensification of an idea, including discussions, funding, and resources that can be used for the realization of the idea. In this phase it is expected to reach the decision to “go or no go” about the idea based on the feasibility analysis. Phase III is also still an ongoing development related to the idea implementation phase. Later on, BursaIde system will act as the manager of project management, in which every step is monitored and updated.

Phase IV is the final step related to reporting and request reciprocal (feedback). At this stage there should have been the result of the implementation presented, how many resources that can be absorbed, and anything that has been achieved from Phase I to Phase III.

If you register now, surely you will be able to do everything associated with Phase I. Dig the idea as much as possible and get responses from others; particularly those are competent in their fields. It is very interesting if BursaIde could become a reliable means of collaboration with the condition you are able to implement the Phase II-IV well.

The issue that may arise is the possibility of taking an idea without permission. Of course this could be a long debate since idea is not a registered patent and no one could claim for ownership. BursaIde expects the ideas listed are just the summary and not a detailed description about the technical implementation to reduce risks like this.

I’m really looking forward to the realization and the successfully implemented of interesting ideas through this system. Have you already thinking about ideas you can explore and implement for the benefit of our community?

Translated by Nita Sellya.

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