Announcing New Lineup, BOOM Esports Reaps the Benefit of Other Wild Rift Teams Disbandment

BOOM's Wild Rift lineup seems to get stronger by getting the ex-players from those teams.

In my mind, BOOM Esports is the anomaly of Indonesian's esports. While many others succumb to the popularity of Mobile Legends here, BOOM chooses to take the road less travelled. It's the only big esports organization from Indonesia that still has Dota 2 division. BOOM also had a Brazillian's CS: GO team before, which is peculiar for Indonesian's organizations. Currently, it also has an LoL division in Thailand. Similar to Dota 2 and CS: GO, LoL is another game that Indonesian's organizations have long abandoned.

After some teams released their Wild Rift division, which could be related to the Moonton's exclusivity deal, BOOM's Wild Rift lineup seems to get stronger by getting the ex-players from those teams.

It seems BOOM also wants to emphasize this as well, seeing from the announcement.

"Here's our full LOL Wild Rift lineup now! - Gov, Ex-captain of ONIC Esports - Flyarthur & XiaoQi, Mid Jungle duet from Aerowolf - Tufz, The last man standing from the previous roster - Chalize, Who was separated for a while will be back to strengthen BOOM . Btw, they just qualified for the final of the SEA ICON Series Fall Season qualifier last Sunday. Let's give them a warm welcome!" Said BOOM on its official announcement.

Previously, BOOM already had an entirely different lineup for its Wild Rift team. However, it released the entire team on July 24, presumably because of its performance. Chalize is the only player from the previous roster to join the current.

Will this new formation be enough to get better achievements?

Speaking of Moonton's exclusivity deal, it seems the rumour is true that the MPL teams which received revenue sharing have to release their Wild Rift division or other mobile MOBA. Bigetron and ONIC released their Wild Rift division earlier. Then, Rebellion, which is the newest contestants of MPL Indonesia, also recently released their Wild Rift players.