Bigetron Astro Adds Former NXL Budimeister, Vascalizz, and Trial Player Rapheleen

The three host a multitude of competitive VALORANT experience.

Bigetron Esports has announced the recruitment of three new players into their VALORANT roster. Former Team nxl players Budimeister and Vascalizz, and their trial player Rapheleen have officially joined Bigetron Astro.

Both Budimeister and Vascalizz are known mainly for their time playing under the Team nxl banner. In fact, Team nxl was the strongest Indonesian VALORANT roster in the recently concluded VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) 2021: Indonesia Stage 2. However, the team soon disbanded for undisclosed reasons despite their achievements.

Likewise, Rapheleen’s status in Bigetron Astro is fairly unclear as well. Before the recent announcement, he was already playing under Bigetron’s VALORANT roster as a trial player, without an official update from Bigetron’s side.

Bigetron Astro’s premiere roster initially consisted of famouz, Nayy, fatpenguin, , fidelwow, and 15-year-old Cud. Rapheleen joined slightly later, nearing the commencement of VCT 2021: Indonesia Stage 2 Challengers 1. The team even qualified all the way to VCT 2021: Indonesia Stage 2 Challengers 3, but failed to secure first place as they lost to Vascalizz’s Team nxl in the Grand Finals.

Since then, it seems that Bigetron Astro has undergone various player swaps, such as the departure of Nayy on June 14. But, aside from the three officially announced players, Bigetron Astro’s remaining lineup remains unclear for the time being. Nonetheless, it is heavily rumored that only two of their debut players -- namely famous and fidelwow -- will continue playing for Bigetron Astro.

On paper, Bigetron Astro’s roster is as strong as ever, considering how experienced these three players are. Their addition to the roster is in line with the upcoming Open Qualifiers of VCT 2021: Indonesia Stage 3, planned to take place on July 2.

Now that Team nxl is out of the game, Bigetron’s strongest contender is most likely BOOM Esports, who has already secured a slot in the main event of VCT 2021: Indonesia Stage 3. Like Bigetron Astro, BOOM Esports has made recent roster changes in their VALORANT lineup and has recently finished second in VALO2ASIA Launch Invitational 2021.

Featured Image by Twitter @BigetronEsports.