Airy Talks Future Plans After Appointed New CEO

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January 30, 2020
Airy's newly appointed CEO, Louis Alfonso Kodoatie / Airy

Airy as an accommodation network operator (ANO) company, is officially announced Louis Alfonso Kodoatie as the new CEO on Monday (1/20). The succession followed by lists of targets, one is to improve its popularity among the accommodation industry, amidst the rapid development in Indonesia’s tourism sector.

The Airy team is confident to optimize the market’s momentum. They now have around 30 thousand rooms in 100 cities. New products keep coming, one of the latest is Airy For Business, a service that offers online service for management business trips.

Another new product is the Self Check-in Kiosk, a self-check-in machine to support receptionist. The service is to minimize time spent on queueing, especially the peak season. It’s better known as Airy Aura and it’s integrated with Airy’s property management Airy Ease to facilitate hotel for customer tracking.

Next, there is Airy Community. This service acts as a meeting place for the property owners and community partners. Airy Community will be the center for Airy Academy, a hospitality skills training for employees who work at Airy’s property partners.

“Indonesia has a potential market for the tourism industry, both foreign and domestic segments. Especially for the budget-friendly accommodation in which business is rapidly developed. Companies must be able to respond to the dynamic market. Technological innovation and network expansion are key. I expect to tighten Airy’s partnership with stakeholders,” Kodoatie said.

In Indonesia, Airy has direct competitors that also provide low-cost lodging services, RedDoorz and Oyo.

The new CEO considered this competition as a natural thing. He chose to focus on Airy’s improvement and growth strategies in various aspects.

“Airy is to focus more on what has been and is being developed. One of those is by improving quality and to guarantee a comfortable space with high standard, therefore, it can support the growth of low-budget accommodation,” he added.

Airy also intends to grow with property partners in terms of growing the tourism sector in Indonesia.

“In order to make it, technological innovation and network expansion are key. Airy continuously strives to create and develop various technology-based innovations to support our services, of course providing benefits and convenience, both for users, property partners, and other stakeholders,” he said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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