After Blocking Alternative Public DNS, the Ministry Looks to Control the IP Allocation for ISPs

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October 13, 2014

After the issue of DNS blockage preoccupied the Indonesia’s IT scene last week, now people would definitely turn their attention to the latest roll out suggesting that the Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI) is currently holding a public test to apply their Minister Regulation Plan (MRP), which administers the sharing of internet protocol number. As quoted by Kompas, this public test has been carried on since the beginning of this October. The MRP itself lets the Ministry to fully manage the granting of IP allocation for local ISPs.

Previously, the privilege of granting IP is delegated to the AIISO (Association of Indonesia Internet Services Operators) by the IDNIC (Indonesia Network Information Center), which is the representative of the APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Center) in Indonesia. By the implementation of the MRP, the MCI will take AIISO’s place as the internet administrator and the Minister will be the one who gives the final decision should any dispute happens between players in the industry. Well, it seems to be a strange scenario, since in case an ISP has any objection towards the allocation of IP done by the MCI, the Minister will be the one giving decision.

As cited from Kompas Tekno:

Sapto Anggoro, the Secretary General of AIISO, stated that so far, the IP allocation done by AIISO has always followed the mandate from both IDNIC and APNIC, and he finds the Ministry’s sudden MRP disappointing. “So far the administration (of IP) held by AIISO, as the mandate given by APNIC as NIR (National Internet Registry), is okay, so why does this MRP appear? While the MCI is in transition, it came all of a sudden”.

There is no certain on the future of this MRP available yet, since the MCI is practically is in their transition period after the previous Minister, Tifatul Sembiring, has officially ended his reign. The vacuum of power has apparently brought uncertainties to the MCI, which results on the creation of controversial policies.

DailySocial has contacted a MCI official to confirm about this rumor, but he has yet to receive any response.

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