The Gloomy Days of Vainglory Esport: The Pioneer that’s Left Behind
01 Mar 2019 | Akbar Priono

In 2014, mobile gaming wasn’t really popular like today because of many factors, one of them was technology, and even mobile gamers were discriminated by other common gamers, not being considered as gamers as most of the games were casual without a depth of a story or magnificent graphics. Yet it didn’t stop there, there was this terrific game developer working together from different backgrounds as a team established Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC). They created a game that no one could think of tha...

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A Peek at the Sacrifices of Esports Athletes in Pursuing Careers
01 Mar 2019 | Ayyub Mustofa

Competitive video gaming has been experiencing an explosive growth, from just a competition in a game center to a multimillion-dollar industry. The players, who now already deserve to be titled as an athlete, have reputation and popularity like celebrity. Esports has brought changes for video games, from a mere entertainment into a promising livelihood. That’s how the surface of esports world looks like. What we don’t aware of is that behind all the promising stuff, there’s a price to pay. When ...

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Learning about Differences, Fighting Spirit, and Limitations from A Disabled Gamer
01 Mar 2019 | Yabes Elia

His face was beaming while waving his hand beneath his chin when my video call was connected with Angga. With his mother that was devoted to stay beside him in a small modest room, Angga did not limp even though he was on a wheelchair. The conversation between us three was different with the most video call. Angga typed the answers via WhatsApp for the questions I asked through video call because he is also a mute. Angga’s mother, Nurhikmah, sometimes translate Angga’s sighs so it was easier to ...

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A Long Pass from Liga1PES Working on PES Esports in Indonesia
23 Jan 2019 | Yabes Elia

After we talked about fighting game’s world in Indonesia with Advance Guard several times ago, in this opportunity, we’d like to talk about another esports that can be said as minority as well, Pro Evolution Soccer. I have invited Liga1PES Founder Valentinus Sanusi to have a talk over a coffee with us. Liga1PES is the biggest PES community in Indonesia becoming a place for gamers of KONAMI football games to gather. PES Esports State in Indonesia To begin, I asked about the state of PES esports’ ...

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RRQ: History, Ambition, and Principles of ‘The King’
05 Dec 2018 | Yabes Elia

If you’re a local fans of esports, it won’t be acceptable if you haven’t heard of Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) as it is one of the biggest and the best esports organizations in Indonesia. What interesting is even though they started their journey from Dota 2, their newest divisions (Point Blank, Mobile Legends, and PUBG Mobile) are more popular and have accomplished a lot better. It can be said that their Mobile Legends division, RRQ.O2, currently has a formation of star players in every role. This team...

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Toxic Behavior in Online Gaming, Is it Necessary?
03 Dec 2018 | Ayyub Mustofa

Toxic behavior has become a persistence issue in online gaming industry, especially online gaming competitive. If you often play games, such as Dota 2, Mobile Legends, or Overwatch, you must have seen people with this habit. Emotional, blaming others, using bad words, and selfish are only some of the toxic characteristics. What actually causes toxic behavior to arise? Is it inevitable? What’s the impact? is it always positive or negative? Through this article, I’ll invite you to refl...

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