The Importance of Education from a PhD Holder Esports Player
23 Nov 2020 | Yabes Elia

Every time I was invited to talk about esports in a school or university, there was always one question asked. “Which one is more important? Academic or non-academic pursuit?” Before I give my answer at the end of this article, I want to emphasize how important that question is — considering only a few people could even reach that stage. Nowadays, most of the young people in the gaming community or even the general population underestimate the importance of education. Usually, ...

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Want to Work in the Esports, Where to Start?
17 Nov 2020 | Ellavie Ichlasa Amalia

In the past, being a professional player meant that you would only get income from the tournament prizes you won. Now, that is no longer the case. Just like corporate slaves, professional gamers also get a monthly salary. The salaries of Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia players even exceed the Jakarta Regional Minimum Wage. If you are interested in becoming a professional player, there are a number of things you can do to attract well-known esports organizations. However, esports has...

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What’s the Right Age to Get into Esports?
12 Nov 2020 | Yabes Elia

I can honestly say from the beginning of this article that I really don’t like the definite answers to these kinds of questions, because usually, this type of question is related to the realm marriage. However, I firmly believe that there are no stupid questions (only ignorant and oversimplified answers) so these questions are perfectly legitimate. Plus, this article might help to answer those who are confused about when is the right time to start getting into esports. In this article, I w...

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Perceiving Athlete’s Struggle from the viewpoint of Esports’ Psychology
09 Nov 2020 | Akbar Priono

“Convenient, isn’t it, getting paid for merely playing games,” that sentence is quite often heard from general public, when they see professional gamer as a profession. What I mean by professional gamers here are those whom are get paid to play games in competitive events. So, the phrase “professional gamers” here does not refer to game streamers or game YouTubers who do not work as esports athletes. General public, or even gamers themselves often misunderstand working as a professional gamer as...

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Borderlands 3: 1 Year, 4 DLCs, and 300 Hours Later
19 Oct 2020 | Yabes Elia

I have to say at the beginning that I am a huge fan of the Borderlands series. I play all of the games from BL1, BL2, BL: TPS, and BL3. I wrote my review when the game was released a year ago. Now, it has released all of its first Season Pass DLCs — since it will have a 2nd Season Pass. That’s why I want to revisit this game to look at its progress and result so far. I have been playing it for more than 300 hours (EPIC+Steam versions). It’s not much I admit… Compared to POE 2: ...

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Metrics in Esports that can be Used to Measure its Success
08 Oct 2020 | Ellavie Ichlasa Amalia

In recent years, esports has become increasingly popular, both as a competition and as entertainment content. Along with the skyrocketing popularity of esports, more and more companies are also interested in becoming sponsors or investors for esports players. These companies are just not only from the companies which engaged in games or esports. More and more large non-endemic companies are starting to be interested in entering the world of esports. For example, BMW, which immediately cooperates...

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