Esports in Pandemic: No Crowd, All Challenges
02 Jul 2020 | Akbar Priono

Lately, esports ecosystem is showing a great growth. According to a projection by Newzoo, esports can actually grow to a business valued on 1.1 billion US dollars (about 16 trillion Rupiah) in 2020 The projection is a 15.7% growth from 2019, which was valued at 950.6 million US dollars (about IDR 14 trillion). Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic which has started showing signs since December 31st, 2019, is now taking over the whole world. The impact of the pandemic grows even worse when enterin...

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The Role of IMI in Indonesian Sim Racing Ecosystem Development
01 Jul 2020 | Ellavie Ichlasa Amalia

For the past few months, the world is taken aback by the coronavirus pandemic. One by one, non-essential activities faced temporary halt, including sports. Numerous soccer leagues have to be stopped, as well as the NBA and races. Amidst this condition, esports showed promising sign as a beacon of hope, for sports fans or tournament organizers alike. Different from most sports competitions that have to be held offline, esports matches can be held fully online, enabling people to keep competing wi...

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Will RRQ’s MPL ID S5 Championship Title Do Any Good for MLBB Ecosystem? Mongstar and KB Responded
29 May 2020 | Yabes Elia

Amidst the pandemic situation, Mobile Legends Professional League Season 5 (MPL ID S5) has to hold their Playoffs online, without any offline event whatsoever. Even though I – like the other Indonesian esports Fans- have to feel the emptiness caused by the absence of festivity usually found in offline events, especially in an event with such magnitude of MPL Indonesia Final, it seems like the hype of MPL ID is still steadily high, or even getting higher. According to Esports Charts, the “peak vi...

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A Peek at the Sacrifices of Esports Athletes in Pursuing Careers
01 Mar 2019 | Ayyub Mustofa

Competitive video gaming has been experiencing an explosive growth, from just a competition in a game center to a multimillion-dollar industry. The players, who now already deserve to be titled as an athlete, have reputation and popularity like celebrity. Esports has brought changes for video games, from a mere entertainment into a promising livelihood. That’s how the surface of esports world looks like. What we don’t aware of is that behind all the promising stuff, there’s a price to pay. When ...

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Learning about Differences, Fighting Spirit, and Limitations from A Disabled Gamer
01 Mar 2019 | Yabes Elia

His face was beaming while waving his hand beneath his chin when my video call was connected with Angga. With his mother that was devoted to stay beside him in a small modest room, Angga did not limp even though he was on a wheelchair. The conversation between us three was different with the most video call. Angga typed the answers via WhatsApp for the questions I asked through video call because he is also a mute. Angga’s mother, Nurhikmah, sometimes translate Angga’s sighs so it was easier to ...

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The Story of RRQ’s CEO about the Challenges on Managing Cross-Country Team
01 Mar 2019 | Akbar Priono

The circle got smaller, 13 people left of four teams. Even though there were only three people left, RRQ.Athena tried their best to control the area in the circle. Shots could be heard from every side. The circle closed in, lots of casualties until it was only LHDouyu team left. This team tried to move forwards but it was too late; the circle was already controlled by RRQ.Athena. They only needed to shoot at the LHDouyu that moved in to the circle carelessly. That was just a piece of story of a ...

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